Another point of view

  • Since Levy took over at Spurs, the club has continually looked at the way successful European clubs are run.
  • Jol has been linked to other jobs, including Holland.
  • Many members of the media disagree with the DOF system and frankly do not understand it.
  • Tottenham need to keep one step ahead and if that means tapping other managers - so be it.
  • We had a bad start to the season. Two defeats.
  • The media like there to be a 'club in crisis'.
  • The board have told Jol to finish in the top four. And have given him £40m to assist him in his quest.
  • Jol is our manager and if he does not hit the targets that the board has made then he will be replaced.
  • In this he is not in a unique situation.

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