Levy 'interviewed'

From the official site (again, working over-drive in the PR department):

Chairman Daniel Levy reflects on a few days that has seen the Club make headlines off the pitch rather than on it...

No doubt you would agree, it is has been a tough period of time for everyone associated with the Club.

Daniel Levy: It has not been the best few days but you have got to put it into the context of six years of progress and as far as I am concerned the whole matter is behind us now. Martin and I have all the confidence that we can move this club forward again.

There has been much speculation and conflicting reports, along with a lot of uncertainty. I am sure fans would welcome clarity on many issues.

DL: I can understand that. Firstly, no-one has been offered a job either now or in the preceding nearly three years that Martin has been manager. Martin has my 100 per cent support and I’d like the fans to understand that they need to take the last few days in the context of what we think has been significant progress over the last six years.

Given that you have said that, people could think if the next two or three results do not go our way, then a change might be made.

DL: Firstly, no change would be made on the basis of two or three results and I have every confidence that no change will be required and Martin will continue to bring us success.

How did discussions with Martin go at the meeting earlier in the week?

DL: We had a very open meeting and I think it was long overdue on a number of issues that we needed to bring out into the open. Following that meeting I think we are stronger and we’re both going in the same direction. We both want success and Martin has assured me that I’ve got his 100 per cent commitment and I’ve given it to him.

There is a suggestion that Martin must now steer the team into fourth place – is this accurate?

DL: No, what Martin has said and what I have said is that we need to aim to be in the top four. I very much hope that we will be there and he believes he has got the squad, but obviously there can be no guarantees.

Many may feel that we have an under pressure and unsettled manager for the rest of the season – is this the case?

DL: I don’t think this is the case and I have just had a conversation with our captain Ledley about everything. As a result of what has happened in the last few days, both the players, Martin, the coaching staff and the board, all feel we will be stronger for it.

So we are back on track?

DL: Absolutely.

The transfer window will slam shut shortly. There might be a worry amongst fans that we won’t be able to attract the players we want to, given the events of the past few days.

DL: Let me put everyone’s mind at rest. Firstly, I don’t think this would have any bearing whatsoever should we wish to bring anyone else in. At the present time though, following my conversations with Martin, we both feel we have a squad that is capable of mounting a challenge for the top four. On the other hand, should a great opportunity arise, we would definitely consider it.

I'm going to sit on this for a bit before I decide whether its worthy of a comment.