Jol, second to Bill Nic

From The Times online:

Martin Jol has the best league record of any Tottenham Hotspur manager since the great Bill Nicholson resigned in 1974, in terms of points per game. Records have been calculated on the basis of three points for a win even though the system was introduced only in 1981.

Bill Nicholson 1.65 points per league game (1,102 from 666)
Martin Jol 1.58pts per game (167 from 106)
David Pleat 1.53pts per game (132 from 86: 91 from 54 in first spell; 41 from 32 in second)
Peter Shreeves 1.54pts per game (194 from 126: 142 from 84 in first spell; 52 from 42 in second)
Keith Burkinshaw 1.45pts per game (488 from 336)
Terry Venables 1.42pts per game (194 from 137)
Doug Livermore 1.40pts per game (59 from 42)
Gerry Francis 1.39pts per game (165 from 119)
Christian Gross 1.308pts per game (34 from 26)
George Graham 1.306pts per game (128 from 98)
Terry Neill 1.29pts per game (101 from 78)
Glenn Hoddle 1.27pts per game (113 from 89)
Jacques Santini 1.18pts per game (13 from 11)
Osvaldo Ardiles 1.15pts per game (62 from 54)

Sadly, football reasons are not relevant in the current boards assessmentof Jol's progression of the team. What grand times we live in.

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