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Didn't take long for whispers of 'crisis talks' (The Independent) and this 'In the Know' whorage has even made its way over to Wikipedia:

I have it on good authority from someone connected to Joe Lewis that communication between BMJ and the board has broken down and that a replacement could be announced by Saturday and that replacement is Juande Ramos. I must stress that I do not usually post rumours and I will believe it when I see it but the guy was adamant it is true so thought I would share this one.

At home to Derby on Saturday will be the single most important 90 minutes of Jol's reign. I can't believe for a second that Ramos would leave Champions League football for North London. Although Ramos himself admits that the Spurs board contacted him last year. Levy, you dirty dog.

But how wonderful it is to see that the 'ITK' characters are now apparently adding 'weight' to these rumours, hoping to score some points from the desperate Spurs fans needing some kind of quick fix of hope.

Dragon1 on COYS:

ok here goes

ramos would love the job and we would like him but it aint that simple

i cant go into things but it is complicated so martin will be given a little longer, he certainly will still be in charge for sat

What a crock of shit. Sorry, but that's just BS.

Its text book classic 'Oh, let me link a manager who is being linked by every man and his dog, but then cover myself by using the 'the board will give him time' so that if he does well, and Jol stays then its because the board changed their mind on it - meaning I was right in the first place. If he doesn't, he'll get sacked, because that's what chairman do, right? So, when Ramos comes in (the obvious choice) I can claim to have been ITK about, and therefore get several cyber-pats on the back and people telling me I'm a legend' trick in play.

Everyone thinks they're a Daily Mirror journalist.

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