ENIC bid for 100%

If you've taken a close look at the Spurs site and the financial press you would have noticed that ENIC are looking to acquire 100% of the club shares, thus destroying any chance of a hostile take-over from some off-shore billionaire or to help give the club the required swagger and big balls to possibly help with future financing and the potential of ground expansion (by selling 49% after getting their hands on the lot).

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I'm going to be subjective with this and not jump down the throat of Levy and ENIC simply because of their shabby handling of fans in other matters (will get to this in a moment).

So, for the time being, I will say that in some ways this new tactic by the club is a good thing, which would mean I would be concluding (by proxy) that Levy is doing a 'good thing' for Spurs, and thus for me.

So its a good thing in principle.

Its difficult to be sure at this point what their goal is, so along with my subjectiveness, I will also remain patient and wait to see what their end game is rather than speculate like some coked-up Daily Mirror reporter copy and pasting a 16 year olds opinion from a forum.

As for the shabby handling, I am of course referring to the booking of tickets online whereby we are no longer able to select our seats using Seatbooker. You can now only select the block - and seats are then allocated by the club.

I refuse to accept this is hard evidence that we are moving to Wembley and that Seatbooker have removed the option for the present in preparation for the future (where selecting/booking a specific seat at Wembley isn't a realistic option for the club to be able to allocate fairly).

I personally think that the true reason is to defuse the potential upsurge of 'fan movement' behaviour of having 'groups' of like-minded Spurs fans together, controlling the vocal territory of a certain block. Not giving them the option to huddle together results in disbursement of said groups and breaks up the atmosphere making it difficult to potentially demonstrate, within the stands, in disgust of the teams abject performance(s).

Its these little things which get engulfed by the much larger things which is the crux of the battle ahead. Look between the lines at all times.