Rodrigo Palacio

You might have read something in the press about him. Argentine goal-ace who plays his football for Boco. Arsenal were rumoured to be preparing a £15M bid for him, all according to 'reports from South America'. All the media covered the story of how the player had rejected Barcelona (not wanting to play second-fiddle to Henry) and was now set to join the club from Woolwich.

'Ideal replacement' for Henry. Best striker in Argentina.

Oh hum. Its turned out to be a fake story. Yes, the player is real. His transfer to the Prem isn't.

The 'story' was probably made up on an Internet message board and once more proves what utter mugs the British press are, willing to copy and paste anything to help sell papers for cheap football headline frills and 'I told you so' rights so they can print photos of their previous exclusive article a week later to prove to everyone that they broke the story first.

Pathetic. Its one continuous mugging off session for 'Englands finest' red tops, which will end when the transfer window shuts.

Enjoy it.

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