A Guide to Modern Day Journalism

1) Do nothing all day except watch Sky Sports News and browse Internet Message forums.

2) When discovering a link that takes you through to an interview (for example, a 'European' based football site interviewing an English based player), read it. Or get someone else to read it for you.

3) Ignore interview and its content. And wait for around 24 hours.

4) Continue to browse forums until you discover the interview has been re-posted elsewhere, but either amended or edited (or mis-translated).

5) Copy and past this bastardisation of the interview that contradicts everything the original one stated (giving the opposite impression the interviewed player gave) and write it up for the newspaper you work for.

6) Bask in the glory that this now sits on the home site of your newspaper, and will appear in tomorrows paper edition.

7) Pour yourself a glass of wine when SSN run the story.

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