Sunderland Away

The fixture list is out. Yes, Arsenal are at home to a weak side while we get Sunderland away. Oh the joy of broken bones and the Mackem Roar. I'm certain we will be kicked all over the place, with Roy Keane desperate to display his team will be no push-overs like their last humiliating Premiership stay. Regardless, I expect nothing less than a 3-0 away victory and three points.

What I do not want to be hearing at 4:45pm:

  • No, I think Sunderland is a good team and they have a good manager. Roy Keane. A warrior. They made it difficult for us.
  • We didn't start too well. I think we played better second half but we left it a little late. It's disappointing
  • One or two players struggled today. Sunderland are a very physical team and they made it tricky for us.

Who am I kidding? Of course we're gonna lose. Its bound to be moved so that Sky Sports can show it. The conspiracy continues.....

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