It's happened again

According to various sources, West Ham have fought off a last ditch attempt by Spurs to sign Scott Parker. Like fuck they did. Parker turned us down twice before (first joining Chelsea, and then going to Newcastle). I find it highly dubious that we would go in for him a 3rd time, considering the players we have already. Though it would be unsurprising, as it follows a trend Levy is guilty of.

Signing a player who huffs and puffs but still fails to dominate the midfield would only drag us down rather than up. NRC is a far more effective player. Parker is, in a word, overrated. Add injury prone and inconsistent to that list, that somehow manages to amount to 40/50k in wages.

So, regardless of the facts concerning if we did make a last ditch attempt or not, I'm quite happy for this one dimensional Charlton reject to continue looking away from White Hart Lane.