more pish

I'm beginning to believe that maybe these ITK characters know as much as a blind and deaf fly thats high and intoxicated on dog shit. I wasn't out and about today due to the textbook Bank holiday weather. Preferred to remain indoors, working on one or two projects. And then this gem was posted on a forum:

"today/lates tom kalboul the auxere fella announced then

after that as most kno by now the target is to get nani,bent....

massive chance defoe going few in for him

also if we get a replacment they are happy with they would take the 10 mil on offer from chelsea which is true fact... (chimbonda)

will be a very busy few weeks

ghaly,mido priorties to get rid off

stalteri and tanio our on last years of contract and jol especially in teemus case is happy to let them see it out...."

So, just in case you are not understanding the above quote, this is whorage. In the know information that has been overheard/passed on/taken/eavesdropped/told in confidence/seen from a tree. Or perhaps, on this occassion, Ben (the author) simply read The News of the World over the weekend and then asked a random four-year old to dictate his findings.

Perhaps, this Ben character (if that really is his name) is nothing more than an Agent of Levy. Disinformation to go with his tree-theatrics. Placing his treeatrics aside for a moment, one has to question the logic of Chelsea chasing Chimbonda and wanting to spend £10M on him rather than the young and brilliant Daniel Alves. As for Mido and Ghaly, well I wonder what gives any ITK the idea that the probability of them remaining at Spurs is not so great.

Oh, and Robbie Keane signed a new 5 year contract today. But I'm guessing nobody at Spurs has bothered to talk about that openly, hence the reason you didn't hear the news on a forum 2 days ago.