May God have mercy on your soul

Berbatov fee agreed with Man Utd - £27 million plus Saha

Medical on 29 May 2007

The above is on various Internet message boards. If true, the streets of Tottenham will burn, burn with my apocalyptic anger and vengeful fists of furistic fury. I'll come down so hard on the club and Levy it will be like Hiroshima but without the atomic bomb. Just a lot of strong worded graffiti and water-balloons consisting of 2 week old urine and frozen shit pellets fired from a state of the art pocket catapult. Like most Spurs fans, I am now resigned to losing the brilliant Bulgarian. A player marked with the world-class stamp that is deserving of Champions League.

Sit back and watch us take another step backwards, in the only way we know how. Bent over, being taken bareback and asking to take it in the face.

Levy. Damn you.