Summer Transfer Targets

Younes Kaboul signed, allegedly. Sources suggest this is potentially a disaster move for the club:

Kaboul is not very good at all, definitely not 7.5 million worth......sure these may have been two off days, but from i saw, he is not quick, he has a kind of lazy, heavy way of getting around the pitch, a bit like Carrick.....not brave, he makes 80% efforts to win the ball, not like john terry who smashes into opponents and still cleanly wins the ball.......very easily tricked and put to the floor by quick forwards on at least 5 occasions.....and he seems to switch off and lose his opponent, like Bramble seems to do

he looks no better than Tony Gardner..............i really cannot see why Commoli and Jol rate him enough to buy him unless they see him as a defensive i said, he moves around like carrick, is a neat passer, and maybe Jol wants him to get the ball and pass it on simply, which Carrick did but of course Carrick had much more ability

but i would worry if he is for the defence, even as cover for Ledley............the kid will need lots of time and patience, but i fear with this huge price tag, his confidence will be rocked if he doesnt perform well immediately..........and 7.5 million is a waste of the clubs money, he is 2.5/3miilion max, even in todays crazy smacks of the 8 million we spent on Dean Richards, and Kaboul is no better than Richards

Fantastic scouting then. £7.5M well spent.

Gareth Bale is apparently 'back on' because Utd have cooled their interest. So, thats potentially £10M for a teenager that can't defend but scores free-kicks so he must be good then. As for Darren Bent, he scored goals - a lot of goals - playing for a poor team that got relegated so although he isn't world class he is still a good player. But how does a good player fit into a squad that already has Berbatov, Keane and Defoe? Which means, Defoe may finally be on the way out.

As for the left-wing problem, Morten Gamst Pedersen is once more linked. A player who can cross and score from the wing. Thankfully the one dimensional Downing isn't being linked at this present moment in time. But there's months to go before the window closes, so lets not get too excited yet.

So, the current tabloid and message board list consists of:

  • Younes Kaboul
  • Gareth Bale
  • Morten Gamst Pedersen
  • Darren Bent

I have not seen any activity at the Lodge or the Lane, though I cannot be at two places at once, I'm keeping an eye on what Ben (FTL) has to say from his tree. It's probably a little early in the post-season for any deals to go through. Too many players booking flights to the sun.

Soton youngster Bale: Spurs bound?

It's imperative that we buy completed article players. Which counts out Bale, but then if you believe Levy we buy young British players with sell-on potential, meaning if you do the math, Bale (if bought for £10M) would have to be sold for £15M-£20M in the future. Does he strike you as a potential £20M player? If he is one for the future, what about the present? We still need to cover ourselves with a top draw player in the left back position. Have to.

Which brings me to my point. Would the above mentioned players make us better than Arsenal or Liverpool, when both clubs are likely to buy Ribery and Tevez respectively. All four respective transfer targets are just bland. And signing them all would cost, how much? £40M? That's fourty-million quid on players who might not even make it into the first team. How is that progression? We make far too many signings of players that are ok rather than superb. For every Berbatov there's a Lee, Tainio, Assou-Ekotto, Stalteri etc. And 'ok' is pushing it a little for some of them.

With Berbs and Zokora being the 'big signings' of last season with regards to the structure of the team, we don't need to worry about these positions. We just need to sort out the weak spots. So, please no more central midfielders. We have Huddlestone and we have Taarabt. They need to play a part. Seems that Jenas has pictures of Jol in a gimp suit, so he will play a part in next seasons campaign. Steed will play more of a role from the start of the season rather than appearing in spurts due to his initial injury.

So, at this point in time, I am uncertain about who we should be looking at. Possibly Baines (who does have Premiership experience) to play in the left-back role. There must be a left-winger of world class status out there that wouldn't mind joining a London club. Or maybe there isnt, which would explain the fact that we end up with the Lees, Tainios, Assou-Ekottos and Stalteris of this world.

One thing I will say, please for fucks sake, stop with these inane links to players that we could never sign (Robben) who, for the record is always injured and we could never sign. And the likes of Harry Kewell. Yes, Kewell. Who some Spurs fans seem to be blind to the fact that he isn't the Leeds Utd youngster of 6 years ago. He's, well basically, shit. One game this season and some of our fans are suggesting he should be a target. This is the type of Spurs fan that Levy's reign is breeding. Accepting third-rate as an option. This summer, Big Brother is likely to give me more pleasure than Comolli's European travels.