Looking ahead

And so it ends. Another season disappears into the history books, but unlike my last copy of Razzle, the pages won't be stuck together out of unbridled joy. I will discuss, as promised, in more detail in my season review (thats Tottenham's performance in the 2007, and not my collection of porn mags).

The summer is now upon us which means Big Brother, transfer rumourwhoring and of course (hopefully) good weather that will allow me to camp out in the vicinity of Levy's mansion and during my recreational time make use of my new Nokia N95, with countless upskirt snaps in central London. The off season can sometimes be the busiest for a freedom fighter like myself.

Operation Hotspur will begin as of next week. I'll be closely monitoring all activities at the Lodge and the travels of Levy and Comolli as their search to sign the new Ghaly.

I'll also spend some time debunking the 'Inside Information' rumours and 'ITK' (In the know) stories that will no doubt crop up on forums all over the net in the coming weeks ahead.

Stay tuned.