Spurs 2 Championship Blackpool 0

Looks like Ramos will have his work cut out initially, with having to wait for the return of certain players along with the Jan transfer window before he can truly begin to shape the team to his liking.


  • We won
  • We didn’t concede (thanks to the woodwork)
  • Robinson made two world class saves
  • Lennon looks lively again
  • A little bit of ye olde confidence restored


  • Robbo slipped when attempting a kick
  • Kaboul had a nightmare (and managed a yellow card too)
  • Defence easily beaten (remember this was against a Championship side)
  • Not the performance I would have expected (where was the ‘fire in the belly’?)
  • An average Premiership side would have beaten us

Ramos Watch

  • Ramos wears a suit (it’s better than those silly Spurs baseball caps and tracksuits)
  • Ramos is vocal and quite passionate during the course of the game. Its good to see a manager kick every ball rather than be a spectator
  • Ramos appears the type to sub off any player that is not pulling his weight no matter what name is printed on the back of his shirt
  • Made early substitutions (57th, 60th, 72nd) – took Kaboul off who was woeful, Keane having seen enough of him to warrant a start on Saturday (obvious one) and Bent on for Berbatov to give him a chance to impress

His comments:

"On the positive side the players showed great willingness to play and fought hard for the victory, it was physically very hard especially as it was only three days since the last game.

"I suppose the negative side is that Blackpool had three or four chances to score and we shouldn't allow those chances.

"The game was how we expected, Blackpool are from a lower league but they tried as hard as they could and gave everything.

"It was very important to get a victory to give us more security, to calm the players down a bit and give us confidence. The last results have been quite negative and we needed to stop that run of results, so to get this result was vital."

Makes me a little happy, ignoring the average performance he manages to place a little perspective to the evenings result. Realist. Pragmatic. Won’t really see the difference until after Christmas when fitness levels have improved vastly and Ramos training methods begin to show their true results on the pitch.

Spurs are bottom three because they have been toilet. Lose against Boro and its going to be a long cold winter. Draw or even a win, then confidence might result in a far quicker transition from the depths of the Prem to the dizzy heights of 15th.

The current squad, minus one or two players got us to 5th last year so the goal is to get these underachieving millionaires to fight their way back to respectability.

Good luck to the man in the suit.

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