The present is the future

I'm still floating around in the clouds after our 2-1 derby win over Arsenal at the Lane. It's a game that matched the tenacity of our 5-3 epic against Chelsea. Two big wins and about a dozen positives to immerse ourselves in. My feet remain grounded. We're going to get unstuck again. We're going to have the odd lull. I'm being realistic based on the fact that Mauricio Pochettino is still working through his first season at Spurs. Think about that for a second then look back to the start of the season and work your way forward. It's been a journey of self-discovery for the coach and his players, reshaping our playing style whilst dealing with misfits, promoted youths and galvanising the under-performing.

It's also been littered with plenty of knee-jerks. Too much has happened in the recent past leaving us mentally fatigued as supporters. The whole love hate (mostly hate) relationship with the evil empire ENIC and Darth Levy (trying to bring balance to the Facere whilst avoiding another farce) has seen plenty of Spurs fans disenfranchised with the whole experience, witnessing calamitous mismanagement and questionable transfers. Blaming the custodians when form dips by pointing the finger of blame usually kicks-off after every defeat or below par win whilst discounting any decent victory as lucky. It's been a right mess of emotions. But when tangible evidence of progress and evolution begins to cameo with regularity, when common sense prevails and the journey is perceived in its entirety rather than in selected fragments - the bigger picture vanquishes the knee-jerks and even makes us forget and ignore past mistakes from the chairman and the board (not to suggest they should ever be repeated).

We are creatures of comfort and when we're winning all the pessimism is boxed away. At this very moment we are more understanding of Pochettino's 'philosophy'. Getting the team to play with more purpose, pressing back the opposition isn't something that can be birthed over night. So those early season headaches were unavoidable whilst Poch and the players tested themselves, their resolve and their ability to adapt and react positively to change. We are now seeing the fruits of their labour. And boy what tasty fruits they are. Deliciously sweet, nothing sour or bitter about them.

Feet still grounded. My perspective remains optimistic. I get this is Tottenham, we belong to this club and we all know that things can go wrong pretty quickly. We're built for the heartbreak. Equally so we are accepting of when something exciting is on the way. The last time was under Harry Redknapp. This time the academy trio of Nabil Bentaleb, Ryan Mason and Harry Kane solidifies our new breed identity - a new spine - with refreshing belief and spirited confidence as we look to finish the journey we started last summer.

This isn't just a transition. It's a necessity. We have to roll with the punches as many times as we land them. That connection the players have with the coach and the one we have with them is now reason enough to retire the knee-jerking. The present is the future. Live now for the tomorrow.