"I have read a few of your rantings as they appear on news now & I can really only conclude that you are a goon in disguise. Why would anybody put so much effort into disrupting our club????
A whole article based on what? some other idiot who's much like yourself banging on about nothing. I tell you what, here's one for you, DML is a gooners attempt to disrupt Spurs.There you go, it must be true it's written on the net. Muppet"


"This site is just pants. Get a life you pleb"


"I find your blog to be a pathetic joke. How can you claim Levy isn't doing a good job? You're a disgrace to Spurs fans"


"It's a load of gonads. This geezer (spooky) spends his time complaining about people slagging the club off and does it himself in every paragraph he writes. This is the type of supporter whom I hate listening to. They will never be happy, no matter what. If we win the Premiership title he'll complain that we've lost our identity"


"This very long winded strream of consciousness offers no insight other than the boardroom is shit, Redknapp is shit and our team is a pushover - there you go mate, done in one sentence. I read the whole thing because I was waiting for some interesting insight, it never came. poor"
-A journalist who reads The Times


"Let's be 'aving you son! Let's burn that Levy effigy together. And maybe go for drinks or catch a movie?"
-Kate, North London


"You're not a soldier. You're a studenty socialist playboy wanker"


"Forget Levy. Get Ramos out. Get Jol back. At least he could speak English, even if he did start every sentence with 'no'? I can imagine the half time team talks. 'Hey boss, we gonna win?' 'No..' No wonder he lost his job"
-Disgruntled, UK


"He's actually called spooky on another website.... he's the author of all the bullshit above which you mention . he's as much of a wanker as i keep telling everybody that you are.... ohh and someone else who's on that website & on this (not me) has told him so..."


"Poor management of the club by Levy. I'm in full support of your work Spooky. Though disappointing you haven't put together a consortium to buy the club. I can see it now - season tickets for £300 and no West Stand. Bliss!"
-Ted the Baker


"Burning a season ticket is so 2004. You need to do a Banksy. Paint the South Stand red in protest."
-Derek of the East Stand


"Me, me, me, me, me...Turgid"


"I totally agree that ENIC & Levy only really care about lining their pockets at the expense of our beloved club. When they stop running THFC like a corner shop we might actually get back to playing a decent game for decent people. I am not rich but I am willing to invest and support in any consortium that has a realistic chance of displacing the greed and evil that is suffocating the Glorious Spurs"


"I imagine him to be like Perez Hilton, a little Star Wars loving geek that writes in his pants from his parents basement. He tries to be funny, but just isnt. Total and utter ...t!"


"The geezer is clearly a whacko. Anyone who has been writing to someone for several years and actually believes that Daniel Levy has created a thread to catch him out, suffers from disillusions of grandeur and is probably a stalker. Bald Archie, if the site is not dedicated to the hating of one man, then WHY IS THE SITE CALLED "DEAR MR LEVY"???"


"Isn't it all getting a little old now - you are like a monument to yourself"


"You have managed well, as far as I can see, to hide your chest size from the soccer-blog-reading public. The whiteness, too, hardly comes out. It's just downright spooky, don't you think, that no one knows of your weakness for green tea frappucinos? Whatever would they think?!"
-Robbie Keane


"Spookster, are you deliberately taking the piss or is it merely an accident? Autopsy? Get a grip? Whilst I have no copyright on the English language you might wish to have a look at my archive and decide who you are. Dear Mr Levy (which is superb, by the way) or HH 0.0"
-Harry Hotspur


"Go fuck yourself you oaf. I'm the only paid Tottenham blogger on the fucking planet and that's your best shot? That's you, escorting me back into my box? Fuck off. Slow or quick, it's all the same to me. I'll C&P Spooky's early work for you, if you so ask me me to you cunt. Now. Fuck off"
-Harry Hotspur


"Spooky should know better. Type autopsy into HH archive and there has been a steady drip drip drip of style theft from him and one or two others. I think I'm entirely within my rights to fire one over their bows and tell the arrogant little pups to get original or I'll assist 'em in becoming so. That tyke wants to stick to f*cking letter writing. If he wants to debate 'ownership' of phrases it just proves what say. I court neither discussion of apology. Just a sodding off and writing like you used to will be acceptable. And I'll cut and paste his earlier work for his own guidance should it be required. F*cking kids."
-Harry Hotspur


"You're a classy guy, 'The Machine'. And I bet if I didn't do what you told me to in real life you'd give me a slap to put me right, wouldn't you? Enjoy your boring little blog boys. What a nasty, nasty little stain on the internet this is"
- Carrie Fisher


"Cheap headline, yeah, cause I need the hits for all the advertising littering the blog"
Me? I'm STILL waiting your next letter to Mr Levy. The fact you cannot get paid for scratching away trying to embellish this one trick pony of a blog however, outweighs even the amusement of you defending you being a hit whore. I clearly taught you well, apart from the 'actually earning' bit. PS: To all Spooky's 'Imp'erial Guard: I have 27 different shades of insult primed for adolescent GloryGlory heroes, so do feel free to walk right in and stand on the intellectual trapdoor. Codewords being, 'Mug' etc etc ....
- Harry Hotspur

Spooky guide to being spooky:

1. Random, illogical use of bold, italics and other formatting styles.
2. Irony, always irony.
3. Awkward use of internet neologisms and what you consider to be "street slang", not really befitting a balding, 30 year old father of one. For get out clause, see point 2.
4. Express utter disdain for "The Sky Sports 4", but still cry when you finally join them.
5. Possess a strange habit of affecting a knowledge of hip hop.
6. Regularly copy and paste forum topics from another message board that you pretend to hate. Never reply to said topics.
7. Fixate on Theo Walcott, writing thousands of words accusing "the media" of being fixated on Theo Walcott. Also, see point 2.
8.Hate Bill Simmons.
- Django


"I presume I can still publish this without some spotty half c*nt wannabe spastic ‘nipping in’ claiming that there is no exclusivity on the word, ‘Prattle’"
- Harry Hotspur


"@Spooky23 don't give up yet spooky!bale is in the team! you might come back roaring in the second half! bale is in the team! bale bale bale"
- Gloating Gooner at 2-0 tweeting me. Never heard back from him at 2-3.