Chew on some Toffee


Everton away. Tough game, regardless of what's happened prior to it. The Chelsea and Burnley games were both tinged with unnecessary disappointment. Avoidable results. Little errors that cost us big. Such fine margins on both occasions. You can't make these types of mistakes often over the course of a season. Cliche klaxon: they end up costing you.

A draw and a win (after the Newcastle success) would have bolstered the confidence a touch and allowed that important early springboard of momentum to slowly grow. However, let's not be too downhearted. Spurs mettle shouldn't be too rattled, if anything they should be inspired to put it to bed in this one.

Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated. 

We haven't played poorly. Perhaps a little less expansive and definitely not ruthless enough. Can you tell I'm trying to be super positive? Had we won last week and not lost the first (at Wembley), perhaps I'd be cocky about today. That's standard on our part, we don't tend to over-do the arrogance. Says a lot (of good) about this fanbase. We feel guilty being too ballsy before games. It's not in nature. Everton are also much hyped thanks to their spending so it's one of those unpredictable results to er...predict.

Add to it, it's a 3pm Saturday kick off. The whole f**king weekend is dependent on this result too. My evening rum will taste a lot sweeter with a Tottenham victory to salute. 

I'm still a little worried that when we don't play well, we don't have that something extra to win the game. Chelsea and others do. Is that about to change? Enter Llorente, right? I have to admit, I'm excited with this option. Delivery of crosses late on might see us grab some of those extra all important goals that add finality to the game in our favour.

I still can't brush off the feeling that Spurs is the kid at school that gets bullied but always fights back and delivers a few black eyes. Doesn't mind getting dirty in amongst the punches. But still loses because he's ganged up on. Too many numbers.

My point is, we are always nearly there or thereabouts and in they come to steal away our best / key players. And that sets us back again. We're always in a state of perpetual building. The last two seasons were evidence of just how little the gap of quality was between almost stealing in and winning the league and failing to do just that. 

It's going to be a long old season, Wembley and all. 

Never say never. I can't surrender my emotions. I'm just built like that. I always find myself believing. I can't do football without this sentiment. Thing is, Spurs give me reason to. Actual reasons.

It's very early in the season but a win today will go some way in solidifying that faith.


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