Like a swarm of bees


Spurs, like a swarm of bees, always gonna sting you. Unlike bees, we never die cause we never lose our sting.


Just stop it now Spurs, this is getting ridiculous. Best goal difference, best defensive record. Four consecutive away wins. Not lost away since we gave Manchester United the points on the opening day of the season. Brilliantly professional again in the first half at Norwich playing some wonderful football. The second goal would have been Godly had it gone in when Kane fired it before Alli followed up. Foot off gas in the second half but we still strolled away with a comfortable win, pushing us up to third thanks to that 25+ tally.

I keep saying it. We're a proper team with a proper coach.

Momentum is so important. We're grafting a winning mentality with each game, one at a time. A cup final and Champions League qualification will consolidate and reward the team and give us an extra bounce on the spring board that Mauricio Pochettino has built. Failing, which I guess would be 5th spot after the form we've shown - would be gutting. Not sure it will hurt the players as much as it would hurt the supporters but it will mean we have to do it all over again. Not a problem as the challenge will be there every season if we keep this up. But perhaps a far more gruelling task if we have nothing to show for our endeavours this term.

Also, most will expect United and Chelsea to perform several levels above their current form. We'll have to wait and see. Maybe this flux is going to keep on fluxing and Spurs will be in amongst it regardless because no matter what the rest do, we appear to enjoy setting the occasional benchmark. Let them worry about us.

Getting into the CL will push us into a vibrant mindset as we all know what it can do for the players. It's such a massive boost for them and their personal stature. It helps retain a buzz about the place - a statement of genuine progress if you abide by the modern day standards for success - because it means we're good enough to contend up in those lofty positions. It can't do any harm, right? Not this time. We now know the pain it brings in terms of expectancy. Second time round we'll be a little more appreciative of the grafting it takes to get there. As supporters we have the experience of the fallout from the last time we cameoed with the elite.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

I'm also repeating myself. I don't even care. I can't help but write positive articles about this club because all I see is positivity. I can only reflect what my source material is giving me.

As confident as I am, I still need to reassure myself of the fact that we have to see out the entire fixture list for the money-shot. I have to keep reminding myself of this, grounding my feet and holding back from taking full flight. Maybe allowing myself a little bit of levitation every so often. Focus on that money-shot. Otherwise all our thrusting will be replaced with an unfulfilling cuckold as we watch on seeing it all get f**ked.

I'm not ignoring the equally important cup final dream. It's just that these games in the league are the games that build character because it's week in and week out. We've discussed this before. It's quite obviously what the team and coach have prioritised above everything else. So to be this consistent after twenty-four games, you have a right to be dejected if our form evaporated in the run-in.

I love how for the first time this season it's about to get intense. New territory for players and fans. It's not as daunting as I imagined. That's not to say I won't be chewing through my hands in a couple of weeks time.

As for the game? You've seen it. You don't need me to tell you how sexy we looked. Second half was a little messy in places, but completely forgiveable. Spurs doing well with their power-management, minimising exerted energy. Full-backs flying. Hugo on point when required. Kane unlucky not to score more than the two he got. Son industrious. Carroll, calm and controlled. Alli doing max damage before being subbed due to illness. The kid is sick! Literally and figuratively. Wimmer a natural. Eriksen a marvel, creating the third goal with some outstanding pressing and nicking of the ball. Some great interchanging of positions from midfield to attack. Punishing football. Loved the love Poch got from the away support after the game.

Three points in the bag. Watford at home next. Absolutely imperative we grab another three.

Then we enter the dark zone.

Would you sacrifice the Europa for a title push? Leicester City have no cup games to distract them. Sacrificing games (which is the polite way of being 'ok' when knocked out of that particular competition) is always a dangerous path to take. Why would you want your team to lose? Why would you want the momentum to snap? I guess if you aspire to be successful you don't make contingencies based on your potential success.

Win 'em all?

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Tottenham V Fiorentina    
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14th Feb to the 2nd Mar.

Peak adrenaline.

Bring it on.