Why I'm quitting...

Recently my blog has had a long relationship with satirical pieces and parodies. The emphasis has been on national newspaper and television reports that harbour agendas towards destabilising Tottenham Hotspur, caring only for generating commercial hype, hysteria and propaganda but this has now ended, and I’m relieved.

For over 5 years I've devoted myself to peddling a product for which good work is irrelevant, because people can’t stop themselves from clicking in and falling for it. A product that never improves, that causes ambiguity, and makes people confused and unhappy. There's no money in it for me. No pop up ads here. But there's a lot of money to be made by others. In fact, our entire blogging business depends on it. We know it isn't good for us, but we can't stop.

And then, when I realised even damning editorial pieces aimed at critically dismantling the media add further fuel to the fire including other websites elsewhere, I realised, here was my chance to be someone who could sleep at night, because I know what I’m writing doesn’t incite my readers.

So as of today, Dear Mr Levy dot com will no longer comment on tabloid and media hyperbole. I know it’s going to be hard. If you’re interested in constant conjecture, commentary and conspiracy on what the red tops hacks have to say, here’s a list of other blogs that do it well:

Transfer Tavern, Caught Offside, Harry Hotspur and Goal.

As for me, I welcome all other readers because I'm certain that my best work is still ahead of me.


Spooky J Francis
Creative Director
Dear Mr Levy dot com