Prime Directive: Spurs The Next Generation

"You have to keep moving forward. I just want players who can come in and make us a better team. The players that I have in mind are playing very well and are in their prime." – Harry Redknapp

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Experienced, confident players who can slot into the team and improve us with immediate effect. No more Ghalys or Boatengs. No more squad fillers. Prime time stars who can bring us further stability and style, but more importantly, players with a touch of the mental-strength that is missing a little from the current first team line-up. The collapses witnessed at Ewood Park and Old Trafford firm examples of where we need that extra quality of hardened leadership to help steady the ship. No more sinking into the depths if we want to sustain a challenge of any kind.

Obviously, there will still be the usual twinge and twitch to sign a high profile glamour signing, because that’s Spurs. But resistance to do so (for once) will prove that we are striving to make the right steps forward. Signing David Bentley last season is the perfect example of bringing in someone who doesn’t quite fit into the team but what the heck, we’ve got the money to spend, so why not, and we'll try and fit him in.

End this please.

But we shall see what the new founded transfer policy is and what influence Harry has on the chairman in the very near future.

A new signing? Make it so....

The other areas that will need a tidy up include the right-back positions (Gunter on loan again – but how we handle the triple threat of Corluka, Hutton and Chimbonda is anyone’s guess). Also the likes of Zokora and Huddlestone will need to make a decision, or have one made for them. Zoko has been linked with Wigan, and has refused to comment on the subject (if you take what you read for gospel). Ironically, he pays tribute to the behind the scenes people at the Lane who help settle the families of the players into everyday English life when they arrive in the UK from abroad. I half expect him to jig his way out of the Lane on account of his drop down the pecking order status and the possibility of another central midfielder signing - which is something we need because JJ is probably not the best long term answer to partnering Wilson. All that might be sored if we buy a left-winger (no, not him) and play Luka central. Loads of conundrums to sort.

One player on his way is Adel Taarabt. This according to, well, Adel himself. He claims various clubs are after him and that he wants to be playing football week in week out and that Spurs cannot offer him this. I’m a fan. He’s got mad skillz. Not so much in the way of composure or decision making to allow him to play a conentrated part in the Premier League, which is why he’s been farmed out to Q.P.R. But where is the ambition Adel? Work hard, improve your game, and break into the Spurs side will surely be far more satisfactory from a personal stand-point. If a young lad believes he is good enough – and has accolades from his boss in reference to his raw genius talent – then surely the more difficult thing would be to stay where he is, but prove his worth by breaking – and thus forcing – his way into first team selection. I hope he’s not sold. Loaned for a year, not to Q.P.R. but to possibly one of the promoted Championship sides, would be a far better test for him if he wants to play every week elsewhere. We can then find out once and for all if he has it. The most ideal solution would be to develop him at Spurs and have him on the bench. But I guess patience is something these young chaps no longer concern themselves with. A commoditiy that fails to appease their ego. It’s good that he’s hungry, but disappointing he’s not up for the bigger challenge he faces at WHL.

Gio, another player who could be on his way out. He looked decent in La Liga, not so great in the Prem but very good in the Championship. It would be easy to suggest the Spanish league is not as good as ours. It's probably true. But he never quite got the chance for us this season thanks to the fact the team - as a unit - was a shambles early on. Add to it various injury issues (although there was a rumour - from that bloke who stands next to me at the Lane) who suggested Gio wasn't actually injured and that was simply the excuse created to make any potential transfer fee didn't suffer too badly if we stuck him up for sell. Didn't we almost sell him to Pompey?

I do hope that there is still some form of youth scouting at the club, but more so that the development of our rather brilliant academy team and reserve-cameo stars (Bostock) are progressed with tender care because the one thing that will give me pride more than anything is to see some of these kids make it.

Hold onto your hats for that.

As for the summer. I look forward to seeing what Harry does having had a preview in the January window. Which was both great (Wilson) and confusing (Pascal).