Welcome to DML Discord

I've set up a DML Discord server to allow people to chat/talk to each other if they so wish. Ooh nerdy.

We'll see how it goes over time but it will provide an alternative level of interaction to accompany the comments community. Perhaps useful to connect site regulars during live games (for all you ex-pats around the world).

Wondering what Discord is?

It's mostly used by gamers to interact but like most social apps it's been picked up by many communities (Reddit for example) as a means to get like minded folk together to discuss their topic of choices. Ours being ye old Tottenham Hotspur. It's a free to use voice and text chat application.

Go here: https://discordapp.com/

Click on Open Discord and you'll be able to register your nickname of choice. Then join the DML server:


You can use a web browser or download a Windows app (or one for your smartphone). I'm using the iphone app and it's pretty decent.

It's all new so I'm sure we can all hold hands trying to work this out.

Currently there's a #coys-general chat room and a #coys-matchday chat room. 

I don't have a voice chat room set up yet. Probably not necessary for now.