The very embodiment

I love Tottenham Hotspur. When you least expect it they give you a sensory overload. It's been a relatively solid Christmas and most were accepting that Chelsea were likely to wipe the floor with us. Football however doesn't always follow the creative path we expect. It has been known to take the expected script, bin it and then improvise it all whilst we stare back in disbelief.

Perhaps the performance and the result wasn't as astonishing as we'd love to believe. Mauricio Pochettino has stuck to his methods. From the outside looking in we've sometimes questioned his selections and have shown concerns for the spark that has been MIA from White Hart Lane. We obsesses too much with wanting to see it all work from the go. Poch has worked to identify the players that will graft and continues to show faith in them whilst they display similar traits of loyalty to him. This has been a gradual progression. There has been adaptability with formation. An understanding that only takes form with time. We are now finally being treated to the spoils.

That missing spark was reignited with more fireworks than the backdrop to Big Ben at the start of the new year. Harry Kane calling time on Chelsea with Tottenham finally stepping up with box-office aplomb. This was a benchmark set by the players for future home clashes, producing a devastating slap to Jose Mourinho's supposedly immovable object.

Our home form has been lacklustre. There is now no room for excuses but more than enough width for pressing, high tempo and tenacious desire. Spurs had simply no regard or respect for the opposition. The very embodiment of Harry Kane who remains uncorrupted by vanity and plays with his heart thumping out of his chest. Chelsea were supposedly tired. Maybe. I don't care. Their squad is immensely rich in depth. Their starting eleven, the strongest possible. Poch had his men drilled, fit and able for the full ninety. We awakened on the pitch as did the home support off it. Let's not underplay Pochettino's influence.

The penalty non-controversy aside, we still scored five goals against a Mourinho Chelsea side. We did so with young academy promoted blood including the tireless Nabil Bentaleb superb in the centre and proving a point. I've often said we need more in the middle to be able to boss teams. Looks like we should just let the kids mature and bestow them the opportunity to develop. Kane, fearless, pulsated around the turf and scored two goals worthy of any £30M striker out there.

All of this is Tottenham in essence. Lose to the likes of WBA and then turn over the champions elect with a forward most of us never predicated would be spearheading our attack.

Poch, his tactics and instructions are beginning to take shape. Our worth ethic and spirit is undeniable. 1-0 down, heads up and no capitulation. This was a club in crisis not that long ago, yet now we sit four points off third place.

Welcome to the world of THFC. No script necessary. We have our own method.