spurs virginity lost in early 80s
regular since 87 season
season ticket holder 2004 - 2014
currently in exile

spooky username registered on football message boards in 2002
rant driven letters to chairman during pre-season, july, 2004, posted on forums
letters regularly appearing on glory glory forum

dml birthed in 2007 on google platform, currently powered by squarespace

twitter, facebookyou tube

co-founder of the fighting cock podcast

1882 enthusiast


est 2007



6 things

Villa at the Lane. Ideally what do I want to see?


More than just 45 minutes of dominance, fluidity from start to finish.

Boss midfield and tempo with aggression and pace.

Clinical in front of goal.

No late goals conceded.

Comfortable win.

Noisy happy atmosphere.


That do you?