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Heroes and Villians

Another week, another cracking book. This one from Julie Welch (Those Glory, Glory nights and The Ghost of White Hart Lane) which chronicles our illustrious history in the form of 'The Biography of Tottenham Hotspur' defining what makes Tottenham the club it is and what has shaped our traditions and our identity.

I've always believed we are the perfect club. I would say that being a Spurs fan. What I mean is, we have that right amount of balance between tangible success and emotional upheaval that allows us to appreciate what we had, what we've got and always feel that there is something more to dream for.

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Last seasons derby match at the Emirates proved to be pivotal. Had we won the match, we'd have probably continued on with our march to consolidating 3rd spot and travelling the London Underground would not be littered with constant reminders of our implosion. Instead the day served to illustrate that not all was well and that tactically we lacked any shrewdness and astuteness and invited Arsenal to rejuvenate a season that some of their fans had already given up on, leaving long before half time.

The game was a catalyst. It sent them one way and us in the opposite direction.

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