From Wankdorf to Wembley

The Champions League adventure. As far as cameos are considered we packed more balls than Larry Blackmon. Our first appearance in the competition for 49 long long years. Spurs we're not just back in Europe, but also back in amongst the continents elite. Word up.

We all know there is no easy way with Spurs. The heartbreak and the nearly years and relentless dreaming. It's usually an emotional journey that sees us miss the last train. On this occasion we didn't. And once at our destination, everyone took full advantage of it - on the pitch and in the stands, THFC embraced it with the type of passion it fully deserved. After a hiccup away to Young Boys, just to tease everyone into thinking Spurs we're about to botch it up again, we began an iconic run into the quarter-finals.

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